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Corporate Software Project Management


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* Paperback: 376 pages
* Publisher: Charles River Media; 1 edition (January 28, 2005)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1584503858
* ISBN-13: 978-1584503859

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It has long been accepted in the software industry that projects will be late, over budget, and lacking in agreed upon features due to technical or time limitations. As more companies become involved with the development and deployment of large-scale software projects, it is necessary to define ways to ensure that quality products are produced. Corporate Software Project Management focuses on the three main areas for efficient software development: management, quality, and client relations. It provides a series of globally applicable methods that can enhance productivity and reduce costs within software teams, without sacrificing quality. In addition to the management aspects, the book also deals with the technical side of software engineering. This section of the book illustrates the decisions that need to be made when planning the implementation phase of the project. Examples of how software can be designed to maximize code for future projects are also included. Corporate Software Project Management provides managers, developers, and programmers with methods and techniques that will help them produce quality products from start to finish.

About the Author
Lecky-Thompson is an experienced writer in the field of game programming and software development. His articles have appeared on Gamasutra.com and in the book Game Programming Gems.

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