Pub: Wiley | 576 Pages | 2008-10-06 | ISBN 0470375000 | PDF | 8 MB

Silverlight 2 is a powerful Internet application and Microsoft's solution for delivering rich, cross-platform, interactive experiences including animation, graphics, audio, and video for rich internet applications. The Silverlight 2 Bible, will provide you with a strong foundation in Silverlight whereby you will quickly be able to create and deliver a variety of Silverlight applications. This book will show you exactly how to build everything from basic Silverlight-enabled web pages with graphics and video, to professional, Silverlight-enhanced ASP.NET applications that link to powerful back-end services. The Silverlight 2 Bible will discuss development tools, such as Visual Studio 2008, as well as design tools such as Expression Blend, Expression Encoder and Deep Zoom Composer, which Microsoft has positioned for designing state of the art UI in Silverlight applications.

Create rich, cross-platform, interactive Web applications with Microsoft's new Silverlight and this essential guide. Designers will discover how to add animation, audio, video, and other high-impact effects. Programmers will cover Visual Studio®, .NET, and other programming tools, and work with Silverlight's presentation, commu-nications, and data frameworks. Packed with techniques, tips, and a 16-page color insert of striking examples, this is the book you need to succeed with Silverlight.

* Make the most of Silverlight—whether you're a designer or programmer
* Get up to speed on the architecture, frameworks, and plug-in
* Create custom buttons, scroll bars, and menus with XAML tools and brushes
* Use the Expression Suite to create stunning user interfaces with media and animations
* Encode metadata, add scripts to video, and learn smart media tricks
* Write code with C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript®, Python®, and other DLR languages
* Implement sockets, parse XML data, and use LINQ to query SQL databases