INFOWORLDSCHOOL specializes in training of 03 majors of IT: Network Administrator-MCITP, Software Programming -MCPDandWeb Programming (include Web Designing and Web Developing) -MCPD, along with TOEIC certificate and Soft-skill Programs.
Integrated Learning System is combined logically by INFOWORLDSCHOOL for the students entering school - with no (or little) knowledge of IT, limited English language proficiency, especially even incapable of working skills, the orientation and planning of careers can help to learn become an IT professionals with certificates from Microsoft, with TOEIC 600 points minimum, with full knowledge and skills, more dynamic and more confident after 03 years at INFOWORLDSCHOOL. From the first year in school, you will learn IT knowledge and English, from basic to advanced levels and the latest update programs to meet the demands from employers.
INFOWORLDSCHOOL is proud of being Gold Partner of Microsoft and IIG Corp.- the Institute of Educational Testing Service USA (ETS), INFOWORLDSCHOOL training programs are strictly according to the process of this group made. INFOWORLDSCHOOL also applied NWCET standard-U.S. for IT professional, so the quality of students should be strictly controlled by schools. In addition, INFOWORLDSCHOOL has equipped an online learningsystem-E-Learning platform Moodle with abundant resources, and it can be accessed to the system anywhere with internet. Therefore, students will be more proactive in learning as well as updating knowledge.

Have a big project with foreigner partner in house project.

Development Gamer (C/C++)
You will take part in projects involving various Game program studios around the world such as US, France, Korea, Japan…, and will work closely with project managers and other departments of the studio such as quality assurance, game design, and graphic art to deliver high-quality mobile games for international markets

 At least 1-2 year experience at C/C++;
 Good at Algorithm, Math and Physic;
 at least one year experience in 3D game development;
 Bachelor degree or equivalent in computer science;
 Good communication skills;
 Good at English communication;
S$ 2500 – 3000 (negotiable)

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