TinyPaste is a software tool which does for blocks related with text precisely what TinyURL does for URLs: Offer you a nice, short, Address to pass along, instead of the full-length one for the page. (A TinyURL example: http://tinyurl.org/3f94fe is significantly quicker than the entire Address for the page you receive to.)

So TinyPaste allows you to copy a block of text, paste it as a form at just tinypaste.com, and additionally get a similarly short Address in return. See http://tinypaste.org/xxsss - and is the entire text of that blog post. On a search engine is also a Firefox extension that causes TinyPaste accessible from the right-click menu, so virtually any text you see in the internet browser can generally be pointed out and also switched directly into a TinyPaste Address.

TinyPaste is handy to get long blocks related with text directly into services like Twitter or a Facebook reputation (by placing within the TinyPaste URL instead of the whole text), however it comes down alongside many drawbacks. All format (except that occupation breaks) disappears absolutely. So do links. And also the vast majority of annoying, to me, is the utter insufficient indicator of where the initial came from. Within the page variation it is, obviously, possible to manually insert the Address or some other attribution into the written text right before making the TinyURL.

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