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Đề tài: Senior c++ for image processing

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    09 2012
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    Mặc định Senior c++ for image processing

    I. Job Description
    - Analyze requirements.
    - Create design documents (Basic Design, Detail Design)
    - Create & track tasks assigned to members and verify their products.

    II. Job Requirements
    1. Requirements
    Must have:
    - At least 2 years experience in C/C++
    - Graduated from University or equivalent.
    Nice to have:
    - Already worked with large systems
    - Have knowledge about Image Processing, Medical Domain (DICOM Standard)
    - Familiar with UML, Design Patterns
    2. Compensation and Benefits
    - Working place: Ha Noi
    - Salary: negotiating plus “FPT care” insurance. All benefits based on Labor Law & FPT Software’s policy.
    - Successful candidates will be offered a friendly, motivated working environment in FPT software (available sports activities: football ground, basketball & volleyball, gym & yoga centre, restaurant …)

    III, Contact Information
    If you are interested in this position, please send an email with your detailed resumes attached to email: thaohth@fsoft.com.vn as soon as possible, prefer before 30-Nov-2012
    FPT Software Center of Training and HR Development
    The 4th flr, Toyota My Dinh bldg, 15 Pham Hung str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
    Mobile: 0922552366/ Work: 04-37959031– ext. 142.
    Email: thaohth@fsoft.com.vn. Skyper:biscuit2989
    Website: www.career.fpt-software.com
    Đã được chỉnh sửa lần cuối bởi thaosoft : 17-12-2012 lúc 03:02 PM.

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