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Đề tài: Java Software Engineer

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    04 2009
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    Mặc định Java Software Engineer

    eXo Platform - Open Source Made In Vietnam!

    eXo Platform is a French company founded in 2003 and now employing more than 100 collaborators world wide. Based on an innovative web 2.0 solution which enables the virtualization of the work space through an advanced WebOS interface, eXo Platform is developing Open Source collaborative software for medium to large organizations. eXo Platform is developing all the components to build complete and reliable IT systems. eXo Platform is providing a wide range of java based software to improve work efficiency in companies. eXo is developing a portfolio of applications: WebOS portals, enterprise content management systems, complete collaborative suites including a mail client, a calendar and an address book, as well as a forum, a wiki, a chat, a visio conferencing tool and a social networking software to help companies to link their collaborators.

    Standing in the international market, eXo Platform SEA (South East Asia) is looking for the most talented people willing to work in a an English language environment. eXo solutions are challenging other major solutions such as Microsoft Sharepoint, IBM Websphere Portal and Oracle Portal, and is winning market shares everyday. As the leading open source company in Vietnam, eXo offers rewarding salaries and packages, a motivating working environment, including laptops to move freely in the open space, and internal trainings to improve employees’ skills in their expert area.

    In a friendly and stable environment, you will work on improving and developing new features and products for international renown customers based all over the world, like the American Department of Defense and the Belgium Financial Minister, as well as major customers (TV Medias, Banking and insurance) who chose eXo Platform products for huge projects involving thousands users. Moreover, eXo Platform recently presented its software at the first ever Google DevFest tour in South East Asia and was the only B2B software editor present at this major event.

    In order to develop our 3rd generation of portals, we are getting more and more partnerships around the world to build strong teams to answer our needs of resources. So, as we are about to finalize a partnership with a major and internationally renowned Open Source company of the market, we are looking to hire 10 talented new developers.

    eXo Platform is an Open Source software editor designing collaborative tools for worldwide companies. Over the years, the Open Source criteria has become a very important point for companies. Unlike working for a common outsourcing company, eXo Platform's collaborators really own their projects and the Open Source area offers new ways to develop ideas and to work in an efficient and active environment.

    As a member of eXo Platform's top-level product team in our R&D center in Hanoi, you will be fully involved in the development process of eXo products for customers all over the world.

    Upon your skills and potential, you will be assigned specific product areas to develop and/or to improve. You will work closely with Product Manager in Vietnam as well as in other countries like France, to answer actual customer needs and to develop the future of eXo products.

    You will have the chance to:
    - Be trained to improve your skills in your expertise areas, and possibly travel overseas to work with eXo collaborators in other branches or with
    - Benefit from attractive remuneration and good opportunities of career development (Becoming a Team Leader depends on your skills)
    - Work for the leading Open Source project developed in Vietnam and leading on the European market
    - Join a young and dynamic team in a friendly and professional working environment
    - Become a member of a world wide Open Source company competing with leading international organizations
    - Work on innovative and interesting products

    We are looking for people:

    - Very good logic and coding skills. Java Core development knowledge is mandatory
    - Meticulous in the work done
    - Ability to take up challenges
    - Team Working spirit
    - Curious and willing to learn new technologies
    - Ability to research Open Source and to be constantly up to date with new technologies
    - Good at speaking, listening, reading and writing English. French skills can be an advantage

    Experience and knowledge in one or more of the following areas is of a high interest for us:

    - Java technology: Java Core, Java EE Web Applications, Servlet, Portlet,...
    - Rich Internet Application: Adobe Flex, ActionScript, Flash, JavaFX,...
    - MVC frameworks: JSF, Struts, Spring,
    - Development tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, Ant, Subversion, JUnit, Japex, ...
    - Ability to work with agile methodologies: Scrum, XP,...
    - Knowledge of: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Google Gadgets
    - Past experience in other java projects is welcomed

    Junior candidate with high potential to learn and to improve skills are also welcomed

    Years of experiences: 2 years
    Jobs type: Fulltime
    Location: Ha Noi
    Salary: Negotiable
    Contact: jobs-vn@exoplatform.com
    Phone: 04 62 755 309

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    08 2006
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    Hải Phòng
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    định làm hot......? đây mà, post đống english nhìn tối cả mắt, chả muốn đọc

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    06 2007
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    Chịu khó đi , thông tin tuyển dụng thế này là bình thường , nếu muốn chui qua cái miệng giếng Hải Phòng thì phải đọc được.

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