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Đề tài: QA Engineer

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    Angry QA Engineer


    * Perform the internal process audit
    - Work with PM in definition the project 's process based on organizational process
    - Guide project team in applying process
    - Support project team in preventing risks
    - Perform audit activities
    - Report audit result and follow up non-compliance issues till close

    * Involve in the process imprvoment
    - Analyze the collected project information and data; lessons learned to improve process
    - Maintain and control the process asset library
    - Define and/or improve the organization standard process based on the process improvement requests which be analyzed by process owner

    We offer:
    • Young, dynamic, creative and friendly environment
    • Knowledge sharing
    • Learning from colleagues
    • Fast growing career path
    • Project Bonus
    • Health care program
    • Competitive salary package

    * Nationality: Vietnamese.
    * Education: BS. Degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline.
    * English: should be at Intermediate level or upper
    * Good knowledge in Software Engineering
    * Good knowledge in Software Development Processes is a plus
    * Good knowledge in CMMI, Agile is a plus
    * Good in quality management and improvement
    * Good in document writing and control
    * Strong in self-learning
    * Be able to work under tight deadlines and high pressure
    * Good at negotiation and communication skill
    * Good at teamwork,contribution spirit, positive thinking
    * Be independent, responsible, self-motivated, with ability to learn and achieve superior results.
    * Ready to work overtime if necessary (paid overtime salary)

    Pyramid Consulting Vietnam
    Addr: 3rd floor, ETown 1, 364 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh, HCM, Vietnam
    Office: +84(0) 8 3 8123.367 / 3 8123.368

    Contact Person:
    Ms. Quy Ho- Senior HR Executive
    Email: quy.ho@vn.pyramid-consulting.com
    Tel: +84(0) 8 3 8123.367. Mobile: 0909. 637. 210. Contact 24/24
    Đã được chỉnh sửa lần cuối bởi Loan Nguyen : 22-02-2013 lúc 03:26 PM.

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