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Đề tài: String Processing Library

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    Mặc định String Processing Library


    The String Processing Library Pro is a professional .NET component that expands the functionality of .NET string processing with 53 powerful string functions. Avoid having to rewrite the same functions over and over and save hours of development time.

    The functions were written with efficiency in mind, each function is a state-of-the-art piece of code. Add this library now to your arsenal of source code.

    Purchase the library with the source code to add another dimension of flexibility by quickly and easily customizing functions to tailor your specific requirements.


    * 100% .NET managed code
    * XML Documentation for every function
    * Errors handled with .NET exceptions
    * 55 different string functions
    o ArrayToString*
    o ArrayToStringGeneric<>*
    o Reverse
    o InsertSeparator*
    o RemoveVowels*
    o KeepVowels*
    o AlternateCases*
    o SwapCases*
    o Capitalize*
    o GetInitials*
    o GetTitle*
    o SubstringEnd
    o SwapCharacters
    o ClipStringToArea
    o WordWrap
    o WordWrapCharacter
    o ReplaceLastCharacters
    o RemoveRepeats
    o RemoveNumeric
    o RemoveLetters
    o RemoveSymbols
    o KeepAlphaNumeric
    o RemoveSegment
    o ReplaceFirst
    o ReplaceLast
    o SortCharacters
    o FormatNumber
    o Format
    o IndentLines
    o SplitAt
    o CharacterLimitSplit
    o Intersect
    o IntersectSet
    o CharRight
    o CharMid
    o CountString*
    o CountStringIgnoreCase
    o IndexOfAll
    o GetHashCodePolynomial
    o HasVowels
    o HasNumeric
    o HasDuplicateCharacters
    o HasRepeats
    o IsAlternateCases
    o IsCapitalized
    o IsLowerCase
    o IsUpperCase
    o IsSpaces*
    o IsRepeatedChar*
    o IsNumeric
    o IsAlphaNumeric
    o IsLetters
    o IsTitle
    o IsEmailAddress
    o IsPalindrome
    o Functions with a star (*) were rewritten from the free version of the String Function Library to improve speed or efficiency or both. Functions in bold are exclusive to the Professional version. Make sure to download the user manual to read in detail what each function is capable of.
    Nguồn : http://www.vcskicks.com/components/s...ibrary-pro.php
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