This is a true story which happened in SANTA FE,NM,USA
Norma Vise,60,is into hats. She has a big collection ò unsual hats and puts on a different one each day.
One hat looks like a carrot. Another looks like a big piece of cheese. Another looks like a pig.
Adults [a]as well as[/b] children laugh at her hats.
"I need a hat because I'm very sensivite to light" says Vise. But she wears crazy has, she says,"because it's fun". Life can be sad. I want to cheer people up.
Vise,a college Spanish teacher, also wears traditional hats from Mexico. She is called the "Hat Lady" around campus.
What is the most popular hat? "People are crazy about my hamburger hat", she says.

- be into something = be very interested in something: rất thích
- put something on = wear clothes: mặc, đội
- look like someone/something = be similar in apperance to someone/something: giống
- as well as = in addition to,and also: cũng như
- laugh at someone/something = show joy at someone/something: cười nhạo
- cheer someone up = make a sad person happier: làm ai đó vui
- be crazy about someone/something = like someone/something very much: rất thích