Mình đang cần tìm Senior Unity 3D Developer

Job details

Job requirements
  • At least 2~3 years experience of using Unity 3D (Use Unity 3D effectively, code is optimised, easy to maintain, refactor and reuse)
  • Be able to work with games that requires lots of animation, runon cross-platform and multiple screen-sizes
  • Be able to use English in working environment

Very good if:
  • Experience of using GIT
  • Used to work with other game engines
  • Experience of using different tools and frameworks which support/increase the productivity

What we offer for this position:
  • Salary rank: $1200 ~ $1500 (Gross and negotiable depends on skills & experience)
  • English working environment
  • Other benefits will be discussed during the interview

How to apply:
  • Please send your CV (English) to Le Minh Khuyen (Mr), at khuyen.le-minh @ jobseeker.vn
  • If you dont see our response after 24 hours, please call us at number (84) 966 728 800
  • If you need more info about this jobs, or need support, please feel free to drop us a message via Skype khuyencncn

Many thanks!
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