The opportunity for freshman or senior.
Job Requirement
-- Request --
Minimum of 6-12 months experience in web programming on MVC environment …
Fluency in languages such as C #, the .NET technology, MVC …
Good at database MS SQL 2008, 2012, know Linq
Had used bootstrap technical and CSS3.
Haved read “design pattern” and how modularized code with flexible parameters and easy to understand.
Experience with Storeprocedure, triggers in SQL.
Know how to use crystall report or DevExpress, or 3rd party
High IQ, quick in acquiring practical problem by or through texts, imagine.
Reading / writing technical documents in English.
Experience in HTML5, CSS3, as AngularJS MVVM pattern, Knockout is an advantage
Having participated in the project of mass and sophisticated data system or understanding how to operate the system are an advantage.
Capable of critical thinking, self-learning new technologies faster, simplify the problem to solve complex problems.
Leave a comment and understandable code, has joined the project to apply the model Scum, Agile is an advantage.
Proactive and creative in their work (to plan and take responsibility for his plan, work with spirit and highest responsibility to work)
Work well under pressure, and is capable of working in parallel arrangement.
Always shapens knowledge for themselves and completed project on deadline.

-- Benefit --
Competition salary.
Support for lunch, the welfare and insurance
We always want to look for a candidate to take on a higher position: leader, suppervisor, project manager ...
Trained regularly to have experience in the ERP technic and particularly in the manufacturing industry.
Contact: NTIVINA đường số 7, KCN VSIP II, P. Hòa Phú, TP TDM, Bình Dương 0650. 3696 003-101 Mr Quang,