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Đề tài: mong các bro hướng dẫn làm bài tập bên quản lý sinh viên theo yêu cầu đề bài

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    Mặc định mong các bro hướng dẫn làm bài tập bên quản lý sinh viên theo yêu cầu đề bài

    In this Student Management System, you are required to create an application to store list of students. Each student will need to store following information
    - sId: Student ID
    - sName: Student name
    - sDoB: Student date of birth
    - sEmail: Student email
    - sPhone: Student phone number
    - sAddress: Student address
    This application will need to provide following functionalities via a menu
    1. Add new student
    2. View all students
    3. Search students
    4. Delete students
    5. Update student
    6. Exit
    Please choose:
    When user chooses 1, program will prompt user to input student’s information (specified previously). After that, program will validate the input data and if they are all valid, program will add a new student to the current list of students. Program should inform to the user corresponding messages.
    When user chooses 2, the program will list all the students to the screen, each student in a row and student’s data fields are separated by ‘|’.
    When user chooses 3, the program will ask user to input student’s name to search for, the user can just type part of the name in order to search for complete student information.
    When user chooses 4, program will ask user to input student id to delete the student with the specified id if it exists, otherwise, it will display a message to inform users that the student with such id doesn’t exist.
    When user chooses 5, program will first ask user to input student id to update, once inserted and a student with the inserted id exists, it will display current data for each field of the student and user can type in new data to update or just press enter to keep the current data for the field.
    When user chooses 6, program will exit.
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