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Đề tài: [CSC Viet Nam] Tuyển Microsoft Dynamics CRM Senior Software Engineer

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    09 2014
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    Mặc định [CSC Viet Nam] Tuyển Microsoft Dynamics CRM Senior Software Engineer

    Primary Role:

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Senior Developer works with members of the development organization and is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of software applications using Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

    Working Relationships:
    • Report directly to the Project Manager or his/her delegate
    • Work with project team members and support functions
    • Communicate with an appointed Coach about job performance and career development
    Professional Responsibilities:
    • Develop, test, and document working custom development, integrations, and data migration elements of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation
    • Translate business requirements into well-architected solutions that best leverage the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform
    • Collaborate with key users to prepare technical specifications based on functional customization requests. Propose design to meet business need along with associated implementation schedule and estimates
    • Create technical designs, mock-ups, prototypes to support new implementations and/or enhancements
    • Participate in design and code reviews

    Professional Requirements:
    • Minimum 03 years of Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform experience required
    • Proficient with developing, deploying, customizing and integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This would include Customization of entities, Plug-in development, workflow development, JavaScript development and security configuration, ect.
    • Familiarity with agile software delivery methodologies such as Scrum
    • Experience in implementing Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, .NET, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, ect.
    • Be able to speak English and read/write English documents.
    • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/IT is required; Bachelor's Degree in non - Computer Sciences/IT can be considered if earning good knowledge/hands-on experience in software development/software testing
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and/or other Microsoft technology certification

    Our Featured Benefits & Career Opportunities for CSC's employee:

    • 13th Month salary
    • 18 leaves per year & Christmas day is full-paid leave
    • English Incentive, Technical Certificate Incentive & Hot Skill Incentive
    • Project / performance bonus
    • Special Referral Bonus
    • Overseas Transfer Program (US, EU, Middle East, Asia)
    • Premium Healthcare Insurance package
    ...and MORE
    ...let's explore CSC by yourself !!!
    Đã được chỉnh sửa lần cuối bởi cscv-recruitment : 10-01-2017 lúc 02:29 PM.
    Preferred Language: English
    Send to Email: csc_vietnam_recruitment@csc.com
    Phone number: 08 3923 8520_Recruitment Team
    Website: www.csc.com

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