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Đề tài: Tuyển lập trình viên lập trình ngôn ngữ embedded (SENIOR EMBEDDED SOFTWARE ENGINEERS)

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    01 2017
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    Mặc định Tuyển lập trình viên lập trình ngôn ngữ embedded (SENIOR EMBEDDED SOFTWARE ENGINEERS)

    1. Job Descriptions

    - Develop and test firmware for the leading automotive solution provider.
    - Work with various kinds of microcontroller/microprocessor like: ARM, PowerPC, iMX…
    - Develop infotainment system, including HMI, connectivity and multimedia modules used
    in various models of automobile from GM, Volkswagen, Daimler.
    - Collaborate with R&D team of the client around the world.
    - You will take part in multi-million project for high-profile customer, which are automotive
    industry leaders in Germany and Japan.
    - You will design solution for embedded software used in a car.
    - You have various business trips to customer side and making effective connection with the
    key-decision makers in both customer side and off-shore team.
    - You have a great career advance to expand your horizon not only in automotive industry
    but also the international experience in Vietnam.

    2. Job Requirements

    - 2 or more years programming in C, Embedded system development
    - 2+ years of experience to develop driver and middle ware on embedded Linux
    - Ability to analyze / study new technical, new hardware
    - Can communicate via email in English, can read/write English document.
    - Known well about at least one type of micro-controller/microprocessor
    - Linux driver development
    * Nice to have:
    - Knowledge on i.MX platform
    - Automotive understanding is a big plus

    3. Benefits

    - Salary: Up to 1500 USD working in offshore company.
    - Heath care insurance provided by AON and is exclusive for employees.
    - Company shuttle buses provide convenient way of transportation for all employees.
    - Annual Summer Vacation
    - Other allowances: transportation allowance, lunch allowance, working on-site allowance,

    Mọi thông tin xin liên hệ:

    (Ms.) Nguyễn Thị Hải Yến

    (Ms.) Alice Nguyen


    Hanoi (HO): 3rd Floor, No.106 Pho Hue Street, Ngo Thi Nham Ward, Hai Ba Trung Dist. Hanoi

    Mobile: +84 164 597 0619
    Tel: +84 4 6259 8414 / +84 4 6651 5962
    Fax: +84 4 6259 8414

    Email: support@cevn.com.vn
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