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Đề tài: Embedded Software Engineer (C/C++)

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    04 2011
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    Lightbulb Embedded Software Engineer (C/C++)

    Update 1/2018

    Global CyberSoft (Vietnam) JSC
    Helios Bldg, Quang Trung Software City, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Submit your resume and application directly to us via e-mail: phudv.gcs@gmail.com

    - Participate in detailed design activities.
    - Responsible for the development task in the project.
    - Participate in quality control activities (requirement review, design review, code review).

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    - B.S., M.S. or equivalent degree in Computer Science or Information Technology (IT).
    - Experience with software development under Linux environment.
    - Experience programming with C/C++ on Linux platforms.
    - Strong knowledge of software architecture and popular design pattern in embedded software system.
    - Excellent knowledge in data structures and algorithms.
    - Strong experience using GDB under Linux environment.
    - Good knowledge in concurrency, network-programming using either Linux system call or POSIX.
    - Good analytical thinking/logic, problem solving, good working attitude, adaptation and ability to learn quickly.
    - Good knowledge in Linux administration is a plus.
    - Good knowledge in kernel and driver development (in Linux) is a plus.

    Global CyberSoft offers a competitive benefit packages. You will have a chance to enjoy:

    • Opportunities for advanced career development overseas, including the US, France and Japan.
    • Competitive salary & attractive compensation and benefits package:
    o Allowance for academy degrees and language certification, i.e. Master, PhD, English, Japanese, French language certifications
    o Subsidy for inflation, transportation, and meals as needed
    o Significant project bonus based on Project Performance
    o Great Significant end-year bonus (besides bonus of 13th salary)
    o Additional International Insurance Package for employees and their families
    o Annual division trip and company trip for employees and their families
    • Being an integral part of a dynamic and fast growing global enterprise.
    • An open, professional and nourishing environment with out-side of work activities, such as football, tennis, badminton, dancing, music, and charity.

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    04 2011
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    Update thông tin 6/1/2018

    - - - Nội dung đã được cập nhật ngày 06-01-2018 lúc 12:27 PM - - -

    Update thông tin 6/1/2018

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    04 2011
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    Update thông tin 13/1/2018

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