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Đề tài: [Share]English for specific purposes

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    Mặc định [Share]English for specific purposes

    English for specific
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    ! be thankful for small blessings...

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    Trích dẫn Nguyên bản được gửi bởi vie_kainznz
    English for specific
    I did not understand what's your title exactly, slogan, suggesting idea or the others? Will you make it clearly? Thank anyway!
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    Sorry bro. Cause i preparing some new topics.So i must type something to accept a request of database. U see??
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    There are a lot of fields in IT that you can related to, but i will give some main ones here (if anyone can add more in please do so , I will try to relate these terms in Vietnamese later if i can) :

    . Software Development: (Tạm dịch là :Lập chương trình Tin học?). This is one of the main field in IT, it involves about techniques and tools in Application Programming, Analyis and Design. Some Techniques are Object Oriented (OO), Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE), Rapid Application Development (RAD) etc... Some Tools to use are : Java,.Net Framework.... Some programming languages are : Pascal (for teaching), Visual Basic, C/C++ and C# etc..

    . Computer Network : This is about how to setup and maintain the computer network (Mạng lưới máy?). Terms use in here are Topologies, Data Communication Protocols (WAN, LAN, ATM , FTP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP, TCP/IP etc..), ie the OSI Seven layers of what make up a network . For eg on the top of it you have things like HTTP and how do they communicate with each other accross and down to the lower levels when you have network cards, cables (CAT 5, CAT 6), routers and hubs.

    .Operating Systems : Operating System (Hệ điều hành?) is the core of computing, or the "heart" of a computer. It is mainly about how PCs, Servers or Networks receive instructions , process them and return the results back. Terms use in here are OS Kernels, Cache, Memories, Instructions, Tasks, Processes, Scheduling etc..

    Some examples of PC Operating Systems are : DOS, Windows (various verions), Macintosh, IBM OS/2, Redhat Linux etc..

    Some examples of Network (or server) Operating Systems are : Windows (various versions), Unix, Linux, Netware, IBM MVS, Fujitsu MPS (the last 2 are mainframe OS). etc...

    .Database Administration : (tạm dịch là Quản lý hay Điều hành dử kiện tin học?) : A database is a collection of information (data) stored in a computer in a systematic way, so that a computer program can use a query (Structured Query Language or SQL) to consult it to answer questions. The software used to manage and query a database is known as a database management system (DBMS). Database Administration is about the task of setting up and managing databases.

    Some examples of DBMS are : Oracle, DB2 , Sybase SQL Server, Informix, MS SQL Server....

    Some examples of SQL are : Oracle SQL, MS-SQL, Informix-SQL, Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio, MySQL...

    Some terms use in Database/DB Admin are : Tables, Records, Access, Performance tuning, Normalization, Data Dictionary, Metadata, Entity-Relationship Diagram, Schema, Data Mining, Data Warehouse....

    .IT Security : IT security dealts with all aspects of safeguard information on computer, network, personal properties (credit cards etc ...). It is mainly a study about the "vunerabilities" and how to prevent and protect these against unwanted access and attacks, also what you need to do if you face such situations (Risk Management, Disaster Recovery Planning).

    Some Terms use in here are : Firewalls, Access, Spam, Spoof, Virus, Worm,Trojan, Adware, Spyware, Hack and *****, Crytography, Authentication, DES, IDEA, Key, Sniffer and Filter, Probe, Public Key Crytography, Risk Management/Assesment etc..

    . Artificial Intelligent : This study concerned with how to make computers behave like humans. There are a number of areas in this field such as : Games, Natural language (Voice recognition), Neural networks, Expert Systems, Robotics etc...

    Http: hypertext transfer protocol
    FTP: File Tranfer protocol
    WWW:World Wide Web
    SMTP: Simple mail transfer protocol
    POP3: Post Office Protocol version 3
    IRC : Internet Relay Chat
    WAIS: Wide Area Information Server
    TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
    UDP: User Datagram Protocol
    ICMP:internet Control Message Protocol
    IGMP: Internet Manager Protocol
    ARP: Address Resolution Protocol
    RARP: Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
    ISOC: Internet Socity
    IBA : Internet Architecture Board
    IETF: Internet Engineering Task Force
    IRTF: Internet Research Task Force
    NIC : Network Information Center
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    ! be thankful for small blessings...

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    moonlight Khách

    Sorry, i haven't understood yet "what are the specific purposes here?"

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    Mặc định [Share]English for specific purposes

    The specific purposes here is the way it describle mean of some abbreviation . And private mean as Database Administration,Software Development...ect.in order to give way to understand wrong definition. hehe Is it ok?
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    ! be thankful for small blessings...

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