Hello Board Members,
Let me introduce myself. I'm Greg from FileJungle and I will be here to answer your questions regarding our host.

FileJungle is a project in development, but after 8 months of tuning and perfecting a system for users, both for the people that upload and share with their friends and family and for the people that just download, we are now ready to present this product to you guys.

FileJungle: Creating incentives for the right individuals to make money while your files are kept secured and everything is dealt with professionally.

Rates and features just do not get better than this today (OUR PROMOS WILL BE ON STEROIDS!):

- Free User speed: 500Kb/s
- Waiting time for Free Users: 30s then 10 minutes in between downloads.
- Free Users can upload up to 2GB and download up to 1GB.
- Files are stored for 30 days from the last download.
- Premium speed of up to 10MB/s (Maybe even more for some)
- Premium users can upload up to 5GB and download up to 5GB
- Premium users can utilize accelerators without hassle.

Here comes the fun part:
- For our PPD plan we will pay you up to $40 USD per 1000 downloads!
- For our PPS plan we will pay you up to 65% of every Premium Sold!
- For Webmasters we will pay you up to 25% of every Premium Sold from your website!
- We pay weekly for PPD and bi-weekly for PPS with Paypal, Alertpay and Webmoney (subject to change to 7 days for trusted users).
- Bank Wires are only eligible for users with $1,500 USD in their account.
- Referrals get 25%, but only eligible under the PPD plan!
- Contact me if you got traffic. We pay better than anyone.

Here's some food for thoughts why you should choose us and why you should have us in your future plans.

If you choose the PPS plan and you're a webmaster, you can make up to 90% on EVERY Premium sold! This is an offer NEVER seen before.

If you choose our PPD plan you can make up to $40 USD per 1000 downloads AND 25% on top from any referrals you have referred to us.

We have a MIXED plan for those that want to make money on downloads while selling Premium accounts! Please see more at: http://www.filejungle.com/referral-rsQp5rC7DqI-

Choose wisely as there is a SEVEN (7) Day “quarantine” when you change between programs. It means if you are on PPS and you want to change to PPD on a Tuesday, you will only be eligible to start using the PPD program from the next Tuesday.

Spread the word far and beyond. This is the only way for you to start making your time worthwhile in this industry. We are always looking for traffic so get in touch with us no matter what!

We hope that you will jump for the vines before they are occupied, because we are taking off and it is going to be one heck of a ride!

Promotions and special offers for people with traffic will start very soon. Make sure you are in on this before it is too late! You want to be the first without a doubt!

We are looking forward to working with every one of you. We rely on you to give us quick feedback if any problems arises.

For more info you can visit our website at: http://www.FileJungle.com

Please assure you have the latest Java installed for your browsers and systems as to avoid any problems when using our service.

NOTICE: Starting from today and 2 months onwards we will upgrade anyone who has worked with a previous host before. Anyone who can provide screenshots of their earnings above $200 will get 3 months free premium! (PM me with a screenshot along with username). Users with earnings of $20-$199 within a month can get a premium account for 1 month after providing a screenshot along with their username. Promotion offer for upgrades will end Friday, 30th September.

-Payouts will happen on every Tuesday for PPD users.
-Payouts will happen bi-weekly on every Tuesday for PPS users.
-Eligible payouts for My Sites is a 30 day holding from when the sale was made.
-Payout on PPS will only count of the sales 3 days before Payout, i.e. Sales from the Saturday, Sunday and Monday will not be included in the payout. That will be eligible for release upon the next week.

Reasons to why your account can be terminated:
-Fraudulently buying your own accounts
-Sharing your earnings with another person.
-Referring yourself onto other accounts (1 account per user!)
-Your account was hacked and abused on our service.

Rules not to be missed:
-We reserve the right to ignore your questions.
-We will only tolerate a friendly voice; speak to us like you speak to your mother!
-We will not involve ourselves with hacked account issues. You go through our Ticket Support to get that resolved. Make sure you choose the right subject.
-We will not want to see screencaps of anything that will put our service at jeopardy. Posts will be reported.
-We will like to have you show some patience if we encounter issues. Board will be checked regularly, so any trouble, please check the previous page.
-1 User, 1 Profile. No exceptions.