FiFoRenamer v.2

Files and Folders Renamer
Version 2 – March 02, 2011

I. Intro

This small program was written as a tool to manage a big collection of files and folders, and also will save you lots of time to manipulate a large amount of files and folders names at once. New extra functions bring more convenience, especially for heavy uploaders and collectors.

* Run on Windows OS (XP or later)

II. Core functions:

1. Replace all or just 1st portion (sub-string) in found in name of files (or folders) by another one.
2. Remove is the same with Replace by an empty input.
3. Add
- Pre-fix or
- Suf-fix
4. Change cases to
- lower or
- Title

* Undo change 1 step before.

III. Extra functions:

1. Delete empty folders
Note: if folder A contains only folder B, B contains only C, and C contains nothing then this function will delete C. After this, B becomes empty folder, and you might need to apply again to delete B, and then A. Until the program reports that it deleted 0 empty folder.
2. Remove redundant folders
Redundant folder, say XYZ, if it contains only one folder, named XYZ too, and so on. The inner-most XYZ contains files and stuff inside.
This function will reduce the length of the path, as a result, there will be only one folder XYZ containing exact files and stuff of the inner-most XYZ.
3. Copy files of a folder A, to many, 100 or 1000 other folders in folder B. Options available:
- Whether or not to overwrite if there are files already existed in the target folders.
- 1 level only (copy to all sub-folders of B) or all sub-folders all sub-folders of B.