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Đề tài: [Global CyberSoft] Looking for ABAP Technical Consultant

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    06 2011
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    Red face [Global CyberSoft] Looking for ABAP Technical Consultant

    Education and/or Experience
    • B.S., M.S. or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or equivalent degree in another field with experience in ABAP development.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    • Demonstrated ability to proactively identify improvement opportunities and initiate changes.
    • Experienced in business requirements analysis, program analysis, and program design.
    • Extensive knowledge of ABAP development workbench, data dictionary and transaction programming.
    • Experienced in most of the following areas is a plus:
    o Dialog programming: screen/menu painter.
    o ABAP enhancement and modification techniques including Enhancement Point/Sections, New/Classic BADIs Technology, user exit, BTE.
    o Classical/ALV report, SAP Query, report painter.
    o Form design: SAPscript, Smartforms.
    o Legacy data transfer using BAPI, batch input, call transaction, ALE/IDOC Interface.
    • Clear ability and willingness to adapt to changing work environments.
    • Demonstrated ability to quickly acquire new technology skills.


    • Work with SAP consultants and business analysts to develop ABAP programs that meet defined business requirements.
    • Work with business analysts and clients to understand user's business requirements for new ABAP reports, interfaces, enhancements, conversion programs and forms.
    • Code, test, analyze and implement new applications and changes to existing applications.
    • Work with the BASIS team, aid in the application of OSS support notes to correct system problems.
    • Develop and maintain appropriate documentation including system design and technical documentation.
    • Coordinate with the business analysts, aid in the documentation of all enhancements including comprehensive flowcharts, system configuration and business requirements.
    • Coordinate with business process owners and business analysts, identify continuous improvement opportunities and develop appropriate business cases.

    You will have a chance to enjoy:
    • Opportunities for advanced career development overseas: in America, France, Japan…
    • Competitive salary & attractive compensation package and benefits:
    • Allowance for Academy degrees: Master, PhD, English, Japanese, French…
    • Subsidy for inflation, transportation, meal…
    • Project bonus average 100usd/month
    • Additional International Insurance Package for employees and family

    • Dynamic and fast growing global enterprise
    • Open, professional and nourishing environment with various activities: tennis, badminton, dancing, music, charity….

    If you are interested in this position please send your CV to us as following address:
    Global Cybersoft (Vietnam) JSC
    Helios Bldg. Road 3, Quang Trung SC, Dist.12, HCMC
    Tel: (84) 8 5437 1199
    Website: www.globalcybersoft.com
    Email: recruitment@gcs-vn.com
    Contact person: Mr. Truong
    Đã được chỉnh sửa lần cuối bởi vincentdinh : 19-10-2011 lúc 02:47 PM.

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