Hoi an easyrider club

. . . 25 of us were members of the former Da Lat easy rider team. We decided to split up because we want to work in Discipline of the law. You will know us by our smiles, friendly approachable manner and EASY RIDER Club jackets (blue, white).

- We started our job with years of experiences so we also have English, French and German speaking drivers who will give you a valuable insight into the people and the country. We will provide you with big motorbikes, safety helmets and raincoats in case it rains. Next to that, insurance is being paid for you during the ride. Your safety is our first priority.

- Our purpose its not only working for today but more for tomorrow. It’s why we do focus on how to customise your requests, your interests to make sure you really have a great time when going with us. We promise to serve you with enthusiasm from heart because your enjoyment is our happiness.