TITLE : Office and SharePoint 2007 User's Guide: Integrating SharePoint with Excel, Outlook, Access and Word
AUTHOR : bby Michael Antonovich (Author)
PUBLISHER : Apress publisher
ISBN-13: 978-1590599846
PUB DATE : May 12, 2008
LANGUAGE : English
RLS DATE : May 12, 2008


[ R e l e a s e N o t e s ]
Web sites. Collaboration. Document management. Paperless offices. We want it all in business today, but how do you achieve all of these goals? More importantly, if you work for one of the millions of small to medium–sized businesses, how do you find the time and build the expertise necessary to reach these goals? Even the most powerful tool will not allow you to succeed unless you can get the majority of your staff to use it efficiently and effectively. You need a guide that demonstrates a platform small to medium–sized businesses can use to reach these goals.

Office and SharePoint 2007 User’s Guide: Integrating SharePoint with Excel, Outlook, Access and Word demystifies the path every Microsoft Office user can follow to benefit from the synergism of tools they are already familiar with. Together with SharePoint 2007, users can achieve goals like web sites with a consistent single view, improved collaboration within their organization, better document management, and maybe even get one step closer to the paperless office we’ve been promised for years. This book has topics for Office users of all skill levels, from those just starting to use Office tools to the experienced power user. It examines each major Office tool and shows how it contributes to the support and use of SharePoint in today’s increasingly electronic–based office environment.
What you’ll learn

In this book, you will discover

* How to access, customize, share, and extend SharePoint document libraries in conjunction with Word, Excel, and other Office products
* Different ways to working through Office while interacting with SharePoint, like synchronizing your calendar and contacts, exporting databases, and modifying them with SharePoint’s list view, and so on
* The best ways of managing content across teams and your entire organization
* What it really means to leverage all of SharePoint’s capabilities by tying them directly into the Office applications you use every day

Who is this book for?

Office and SharePoint 2007 User’s Guide: Integrating SharePoint with Excel, Outlook, Access and Word is a perfect reference for everyone who works at a company or organization that is using or planning to use either Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and who wants to make a difference by developing content, collaboration, and benefiting from the synergism working with several Microsoft products can provide.
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