Hoi an Easyrider Club warmly welcomes you and your dreams of sunshine, food and friendly faces in

Vietnam. Let us show you the sights – as well as the nooks and crannies – that will indulge

your senses, open your mind and free your inhibitions!

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and charming places in the world to visit. Why not join

us to discover and understand more about the culture, traditions and history of our

homeland. If you come to Vietnam and expect to do something special with a lifetime memory

of your trip, the best way is on a motorcycle with one of our tours.

If you want to spend times visiting the real countryside of Vietnam. Travel with us, You can

see a range of interesting activities and places – a real variety of scenery. Coffee

plantations, arable farming, animals, lakes, dams waterfalls and a favourite was meeting

people from ethic minority communites. The Vietnamese wood carving workshop and bamboo

factory was so interesting, along with the silk factory and pagodas.

We are able to provide good English and French speaking riders who will give you a valuable

insight of our country.